Re: [NTLK] Harrys newtons

From: John Goggan (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 20:00:52 EDT

Christopher Frazier wrote:
> > the majority of them had severe alignment problems.
> Since I'm purchasing one of these to upgrade my 2000 to a 2100, I'm
> obviously interested in the problems people experienced. I assume that
> the problem was a screen issue and not a motherboard issue. Am I
> correct? Thanks for any comments on this. Obviously, I'd like to help
> Harry and myself, but I want to know what I'm walking into.

I believe that they are screen issues, yes, and not motherboard related.
Therefore, you should be fine to do what you intend.

Also, remember that (if I recall correct) Harry said that he is selling the
ones that he got that do NOT seems to have the alignment problems. I just
meant that he bought them from the same guy that sold so many with problems. I
believe that Harry said that he bought 20 and 7 of them had the problems --
and those are not the ones he is selling to us.

So, again, from what I understand, Harry's Newts that are for sale here do not
have that problem. He's already picked out the good ones.

At least, I hope so, since I bought two. :-)

As for those of us that bought evil ones from Mike for $70-$80 a couple weeks
ago, I'm still working on diagnosing the problem and seeing what we can do to
solve it. I've got two of them (I bought 4 -- all have the problem)
disassembled on my desk... No lucky in cleaning/testing though -- they seem
to have the problem no matter what I do... :(

More as I have it.

 - John...

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