Re: [NTLK] newton wireless "warwalking"

From: James Elliott (
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 19:58:41 EDT

There was mention of it being in a later version of the driver.


>i'm thinking of getting a wireless card (wavelean or similar 802.11)
>for my newton, to talk to my other airport-enabled machines via
>appletalk, and get mail wirelessly, but something online recently
>caught my attention
>the new craze with the kids these days is finding (and exploiting)
>unsecured wireless networks. this usually involves some software and
>a laptop, and driving slowly through neighborhoods. i've got
>something on my ibook called macstumbler that does this, tho i
>haven't found anything yet.
>how spiffy would it be to be able to do this with a newton? any
>ideas? anybody working on such a thing?

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