Re: [NTLK] selling cheap newtons

From: John Goggan (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 10:21:58 EDT

Marco Mailand wrote:
> I agree completely with David! If you account the time needed to get a
> cardboard box, grab all tools (tape, scissor, filling material, etc.),
> write the label and finally pack all and drive to the post office and
> wait in the cue the postage fee is nothing. Nevertheless it is simple work
> one has to account at least 10...30USD per hour and accounting all time
> needed we all know how quickly an hour is gone...

True, but I guess I figured one has to work that into the price.

For those that still disagree with me that bought one of those 70 32MB
FlashRAM cards from me that I only charged exact shipping for (including only
$5 anywhere in the WORLD), please feel free to send me extra shipping fees
whenever you'd like. ;)

In any case, no biggie, I've paid Harry already -- he's emailed that he's very
happy with dealing with me, and we're all set. Just to make it clear that at
least he did not take it offensively at all.

I wish him the best of luck selling them all.

 - John...

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