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Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 23:59:06 EST


I'm sure the USA has the same copyright laws as in Australia with regards to
photocopying scientific journals. There are specific clauses that have been
included into the act that allow the copying of a certain proportion of a
scientific journal. Copy the whole journal and you are breaking the
copyright law, but copy a few papers and you are well within your legal

Books via Newton on the otherhand...WHO KNOWS!!

CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory
Geelong, Australia.


> Sorry, folks, it appears my question has gotten a bit out of hand (no
>offense but I would think that drugs take it a little far (although books
>can be addictive! :-) )... Much like claiming that everyone who runs down
>to the photo machine to make a copy should be charged with violating
>copyright laws, even though they generally are for reproducing published
>works. At least in my field it would mean that everyone would be in trouble
>for we have to makes copies of material, such as journal papers).
> I apologize for opening up the OT "can of worms" on the group...

Have you checked the FAQ lately?
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