Re: [NTLK] Need info FS.....secret Newton

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 13:33:46 EST

did you get ahold of Conrad Blickensdorfer's Newton?
That would be cool! I sent my 2000 to Conrad when they
first came out so he could play with it. He didn't
want to give it back! (well, it wasn't my Newt back
then, it belonged to the company I worked for)
web/gadget guru (download Newton packages) (my NPDS server)

--- Ron R Silva <> wrote:
> Oh darn, I never thought about giving them away! I
> just disposed two hundred
> brand new MIB 2100's to Rickshaw Recyclers of Hong
> Kong!
> <blatant hype>
> Actually, I'm hoping to offer to Newton Listers ONLY
> and reluctantly NOT
> eBay (due to legal reasons), a very unusual, once
> owned by a major Pen
> Computing magazine and top industry insider, a
> confidential TOP SECRET
> Newton item by the weekend. Stay Tuned.....
> Thx,
> RonSilva

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