[NTLK] BackTalk Issue

From: Humphreys, David (david.humphreys_at_honeywell.com)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 15:47:36 EST

I have had backtalk for some time now and can report that it works
very well.
So far I have:

Sent and received files from my C-Pen 800.

Sent and received files on my laptop and desktop.

Last night I started to beam to another Newton and when the routing
slip came up I chose 'beam' instead of 'ObEx' as I was just talking
to another Newt. Now when I beam, the darned thing gives me no option
to change back to ObEx and goes straight to the Newton beam.

I had to reset to get the option back.

It also hangs when I choose to send as 'Newton flattened frame'. I thought
that this was the way to beam pkgs via ObEx?

What is going on?

Has anyone seen this or similar behavior?



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