[NTLK] Jaggies and hard resets

From: Mike O'Brien (obrien_at_leonardo.net)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 16:28:27 EST

        Here's my uninformed 2 cents' worth, and worth the price:

        I strongly suspect that when a Newt reboots from a hard
reset, it behaves like a brand new Newt that's never been turned on
before (except for that pesky "factory calibration"). I think that
at this time, it performs as much of a touchscreen calibration as
it can without pen input. This involves taking a reading on the
current state of the touch screen.

        Unfortunately the "jaggies" are due to a hardware problem
with the touchscreen, where its outputs become somewhat random.
Therefore, the hard reset works for a while, until the state of
the touchscreen's failure changes again. You're shooting at a
moving target, one that isn't supposed to move.

        That's why hard resets work for a while, but the only
permanent solution is to replace the failed unit.

Mike O'Brien

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