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Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 02:04:09 EST

on 02/03/02 06:55, martina wilson at wrote:

> now that i have you attention....
> thanks to grant hutchinson and the newted community site, LAnug now has
> a web page.
> although i'm sure improvements will come, this page will serve as a news
> site about LAnug and it's goings on.
> you will be able to find the:
> who:
> when:
> where/directions:
> time:
> no that's not all.
> this page will also serve as a news source for what our members are upto
> with there newts, past meeting highlights, newton news, and equipment
> acquistions, etc
> woo has been busy and i dying with a cold so we've been kinda quiet but
> watch out gang we're back....
> look for a new meeting annoucement in the next couple of days.
> URL:
> martina wilson
> vice pres. LAnug
> bodies in motion stay in motion, while bodies at rest get left behind.

Nice! Now, we're finally starting to see pictures of those fame people.
Unfortunately, there was no legend to present the 3 people that we see on
the pictures. I won't make any guess in a country like the U.S. because I've
been many times wrong...

OTOH, how is it that there is no picture of the LANUG vice-president????
This is a "sacrilege" that has to be repaired!


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