Re: [NTLK] Cheap storage cards

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sun Mar 03 2002 - 02:13:13 EST

on 02/03/02 10:26, vze3pz9z at wrote:

>> Hello list,
>> an e-mail from a few weeks ago mentioned that 32MB storage cards were being
>> offered on e-bay for $35BIN!
>> The poster regretted the fact that they were for sale to the USA only.
>> .........
>> Obviously no affiliation, just a very happy customer.
>> Regards,
>> Eric Byrne
> If anyone needs drop shipping to overseas address's, please contact me
> off list. NuShield offers this service at cost. I have Robert
> Benschop's card to ship out now, if he'll only send me his shipping
> address. Robert, are you there???

With 211 postings last month, I guess he's here!!!


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