Re: [NTLK] LucentWavelan driver update?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 13:37:59 EST

Robert Benschop wrote:
> on 04-03-2002 6:41, Laurent Daudelin at
> wrote:
> > Sure, but I want to keep current with Apple offering, since using my ABS
> > with my PowerBook is, at this time, more important and useful than my
> > Newton
> I thought that you could use your PB with the ABS and Airport 1.2 without a
> problem. (answer is important to me because I'm looking for a PB)
> Robert Benschop

Well, I try to keep current as far as OS X is concerned. The update was
part of the regular maintenance update. Furthermore, you can't configure
your Mac as a software base station yet, but it is rumored that a
forthcoming AirPort version (3.0?) would offer this.

I also got some issues when printing to my Personal LaserWriter NTR when
using AirPort, which I already reported as a bug. Hopefully, that will
be fixed in a future release. So, for me, the advantages of keeping
current with AirPort software outweighs the advantages of running my
Newton through AirPort.

And, anyway, we would need at some point to have drivers that are
working with the old AirPort base station and also with the new ones
that are coming down the pipeline, so better off working on the driver
now than wait (I think)...


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