[NTLK] What would it take to get a true 802.11 solution?

From: Benjamin Higginbotham (draco_at_silverdragonden.com)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 16:40:17 EST

It sounds like it is possible to get a Newton to talk to an Airport=20
network, base station and all. It also sounds like one would be able to=20=

transfer packages, check their e-mail, and maybe even surf the web.

If I were a programmer I would be working on this as we speak; alas, I=20=

am not (but I'm thinking about it). That being said, does anyone have=20=

the time, effort, and experience to make this project work? I have a=20
feeling that a *lot* of Newton fans would love to be able to get on a=20
wireless network and play around.

Would people be willing to buy such a thing? Am I going on a quest that=20=

is just not worth it? How long would such a venture take?

If someone makes the program, I can host it on my server and bandwidth=20=

for free if need be. Just a thought.


Benjamin Higginbotham

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