Re: [NTLK] Basilisk/File Types

From: speedy2 (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 17:50:11 EST

Thanks for the suggestions all...

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Marco Mailand wrote:

> You could use PackType on the Mac before using NCU or an AppleScript too,
> that's what I do because I need several different of these assignments. You
> could also try to set-up properly PC Exchange and assign .pkg to NCU,

I used PackType and any particular file that gets "converted" by it is
recognized by NCU, but any file that has not been taken to PackType still
won't be seen by NCU, regardless if it's on the Mac Desktop or PC side.

> respectively set the type to "pkg " (with space!) and the creator to "pkgX".
> If you don't have PackType nor the AppleScript file you can also use ResEdit
> or MacLinkPlus9.02 to change type/creator. MLP9 is anyway very handy to
> convert Word or whatever editor file into a Newton Works document upon
> import/export.

I tried using PC Exchange to add the file type (system 7.5.5) and I don't
know how to select the "pkg " with the space. I associated .PKG with NCU
and then I had a drop-down list where I could use choose either "pkg" or
"Pkg", but neither seemed to get NCU to see .pkg files that were not
converted by PackType.

> Sorry that I can not yet provide the AppleScript code, it is at home. You
> could however create executable AppleScript icons (like BAT files :-) and
> the drop the pkgs onto to have type/creator changed.

Robert was kind enough to provide some code in his mail, but how to I use
it? How do I create the AppleScript file?

Anyone else on the list using Basilisk to install packages?


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