Re: [NTLK] Free Newt Paint

From: scotty technoir (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 17:53:36 EST

> Not bad for a great program - only the cost of 2 pizzas.

>Please don't turn this list in a free for all warez thing, too many >people
>(including the developers !) aren't happy about that.
>Robert Benschop

ummmm, unless you don't Have any american dollars!!>> $20 US would buy me
about 8 pizzas around the corner!
 i don't see why the post in question should be considered 'out of bounds'
since it doesn't discuss anything 'illegitimate', just a coincidence. and as
for the developers, now the authour can feel free to produce a correction to
his code if this 'workaround' bothers him.
the list is about information. what we DO with the information is up to each
of us. we shouldn't expect the worst of people.

>>scotty t

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