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From: scotty technoir (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 17:39:05 EST

i think your best bet is to grab Lotus Organizer from Unna. this is the most
seamless and slick way to synch the Newt to the desktop. then you can synch
your Organizer file with Outlook quite easily and quickly. it may be
cumbersome, but i have had best results this way. Organizer will also import
all your dates, noted, and to-do's, and [for me] is waaaay more reliable
than a standard backup from NCU.
mail me for further instructions if you need, since i have already troubled
the list a few times on this topic ;)

regards and good luck,
scotty technoir

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Hmmm, I nuked it, then ejected my card, re-installed it (now only on
internal store) and it sometimes gives me the Lightbulb wait icon or
sometimes nothing, but it just sits there, un-happily till I hit the
reset button :( Any other suggestions, any ideas if there might be
packages/extensions that interfere with it?


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