[NTLK] Device Dependant Code Question

From: Newt Rutherford (newt_at_mail.suzieqsw.com)
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 21:14:51 EST

I have a question for the list.

I have Type 1 diabetes which is out of control. My doctor and I have been trying to get it under control and I have been attempting to reach MedData Inc regarding their Healthmate program. They are no longer in business and there is no download for the software. Looks like another case of abandonware.

A member of the list has agreed to sell a copy that he no longer uses to me. Problem is...

begin quote---------------
>I can sell it to you with the
>manuals. The problem is that it uses a password scheme that is
>dependant upon the Newton you use. If there is a way around this,
>you can use the program.
end quote-----------------

Is there a way to "unlock" a program that uses the Newton's internal

If anyone knows please let me know on or off list. I could really use this software and hopefully armed with all of it's data, help my doctor to revise my treatment.

Thanks in advance,

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