Re: [NTLK] Ethernet Card troubles

From: André Baron (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 11:52:55 EST

eric a . Farris wrote:

>i don't know if it should stay on or not. i've never had a Newton (or
>any other PDA, ftm) on the ethernet.
>here's what happens, step by step.
>* Newton on, card goes in (with 'pigtail' and wired)
>* Slip comes up recognizing card as "Megahertz 589E" (awesome!)
>* Light on the pigtail stays on for approx. 10 seconds
> (light on the hub showing connection also says on for 10 sec)
>* when i try to use a NIE-enabled app, like newtVNC, the connection slip
> opens, and i choose the ethernet connection i created with my static
> IP and stuff.
>* none of the apps actually DO anything. the lights on the tail and hub
> stay off, and my hub sees no traffic from that address.
>:( i want my Newtonian Ethernet!

O.K. here is what I see is happening. When you put the card in it is
recognized by the computer, that is the part with the lights flashing on
and then going back off afterwards, that is perfectly normal, my
3CXE589ET (probably exactly he same card, except with X-Jack) does
exactly the same thing. Now it seems to me that your interet setup does
not see the card, or t least does not know to use the card connect to
the internet. I would check your internet connection setup to make sure
that it is set to use the card.


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