[NTLK] Dentist software for Newton alas MP2100 head to head with Casiopea WinCE

From: Radovan Biciste (rbiciste_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 12:34:46 EST

I am going to see my dentist on Thursday again. =>)
He has Casiopea WinCE handheld he was really interested to see my
MP2100. As I live in UNIX/Mac world I do not have any idea what could
possibly interest people from Windows world on my MP2100 the most. I
have there Newtscape, SimpleMail, GeekSafe, Waba, Works with QuickFigure
and PasswordGen. As you see no fun at all.
Please any ideas to present my MP2100 against flashy color WinCE
handheld? If there is some software for dentists or patient log software
or even really cool game. =>)
Thanks for any suggestions,
my MP2100:
4 MB flash card, 3com ethernet card, Hayes modem, keyboard
really nice and cute case made by my wife from colorful fabrics
-combination of red, yellow and green

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