Re: [NTLK] Dentist software for Newton alas MP2100 head to head with Casiopea WinCE

From: eric a . Farris (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 13:02:53 EST

On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 09:34:46AM -0800, Radovan Biciste wrote:
> Hi,
> I am going to see my dentist on Thursday again. =>)
> He has Casiopea WinCE handheld he was really interested to see my
> MP2100. As I live in UNIX/Mac world I do not have any idea what could
> possibly interest people from Windows world on my MP2100 the most. I
> have there Newtscape, SimpleMail, GeekSafe, Waba, Works with QuickFigure
> and PasswordGen. As you see no fun at all.
> Please any ideas to present my MP2100 against flashy color WinCE
> handheld? If there is some software for dentists or patient log software
> or even really cool game. =>)
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Radek
> my MP2100:
> 4 MB flash card, 3com ethernet card, Hayes modem, keyboard
> really nice and cute case made by my wife from colorful fabrics
> -combination of red, yellow and green

what hooked me back from Wince (there's a reason they abbreviate it like
that) is that, unlike my experiences with my iPaq, the Newton actually
WORKS. some examples:

* have him pick a sentence and see who can input it faster
  w/ the least errors: you'll win.
* have each of you make a quick sketch of his office space. turn
  "shapes" on on your Newt and squares and lines will be exactly
* have both of you schedule your next appointment. watch how many taps
  it takes him, then help him clean up his drool as you tap "Assist" and
  write "Meet with dentist at 3:30 12 July"
* show him that you can have separate volumes for system sounds and
  alarms (one of my pet peeves with wince and one of the things Palm got
  right; it was, of course, on the Newton first.)
* if he's used Wince for any length of time, he'll appreciate that the
  Newton uses only flash memory... having recently come back from the
  "dark side" of PalmOS and Wince myself, it was amazing to me to see my
  long-dead Newt arise again, with all my software AND DATA still there,
  despite not having had a battery in the thing for over two years.
* tell him he could have had all this power for YEARS.

basically, if he's one that can appreciate the "the thing just works"
quality and amazing intuitive interface of the Mac, he'll appreciate the
Newton and its software for the same reasons. Some windows dudes aren't
that way; some are.

of course, you'll only curse Steve Jobs when he drops his Cassiopeia in
his shirt pocket :)

<sigh> oh, where we could only be right now... </sigh>

eric a. Farris
Systems Administrator
UMCES, Appalachian Laboratory

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