Re: [NTLK] Dentist software for Newton alas MP2100 head to head with Casiopea WinCE

From: David Golden (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 13:19:46 EST

on 3/5/02 12:02 PM, eric a . Farris at wrote:

> what hooked me back from Wince (there's a reason they abbreviate it like
> that) is that, unlike my experiences with my iPaq, the Newton actually
> WORKS. some examples:
> * have him pick a sentence and see who can input it faster
> w/ the least errors: you'll win.
> * have each of you make a quick sketch of his office space. turn
> "shapes" on on your Newt and squares and lines will be exactly
> straight.
> * have both of you schedule your next appointment. watch how many taps
> it takes him, then help him clean up his drool as you tap "Assist" and
> write "Meet with dentist at 3:30 12 July"
> * show him that you can have separate volumes for system sounds and
> alarms (one of my pet peeves with wince and one of the things Palm got
> right; it was, of course, on the Newton first.)
> * if he's used Wince for any length of time, he'll appreciate that the
> Newton uses only flash memory... having recently come back from the
> "dark side" of PalmOS and Wince myself, it was amazing to me to see my
> long-dead Newt arise again, with all my software AND DATA still there,
> despite not having had a battery in the thing for over two years.
> * tell him he could have had all this power for YEARS.
> basically, if he's one that can appreciate the "the thing just works"
> quality and amazing intuitive interface of the Mac, he'll appreciate the
> Newton and its software for the same reasons. Some windows dudes aren't
> that way; some are.
> of course, you'll only curse Steve Jobs when he drops his Cassiopeia in
> his shirt pocket :)
> <sigh> oh, where we could only be right now... </sigh>

 I know that this is dangerously close to constituting one of those annoying
" me to ", posts, but I am compelled to compliment Eric on his succinct
summation. Nicely done.


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