Re: [NTLK] Who has the best 2100s?

From: Patrick Jendraszak (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 22:16:55 EST

When I bought mine, John, I tried to watch the eBay list and look for
items which never reached the minimum. I did that because I didn't want
to get in a bidding war with someone. Then I emailed the sellers and
gathered information about whether they still wanted to sell and at what
price. I wound up buying a unit for $179, including shipping, from
Electronic Discount in Dallas. (This wasn't a bad price when I got it --
it was October, 2001.) It was supposed to be a 2000, but when they sent
it to me, I found it was a u2000 that seemed to be in like new
condition. It came with a new case and an AC adapter. The rechargeable
battery seemed like new and the leather case is really nice. No keyboard
or other cables, though.

I don't know how often they get them, but I occasionally see them on
eBay with other Newton parts.


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On Tuesday, March 5, 2002, at 11:31 AM, John Ruschmeyer wrote:

> Well, sometime in the next week, I plan to finally buy a 2100. (Just
> waiting for an eBay auction to close and the buyer to pay me.)
> From what I can tell, there are three main choices on ebay for cheap
> 2100s these days:
> Gem Electronics
> mr2ndhand
> Phillydiscounters/variety-shop
> The question I have is who should I buy from?
> From the comments I've seen, Gem has the highest prices and also the
> most draconian after-sale support.
> Conversely, phillydiscounters has as good a package and auctions which
> seem to go off at a lower price, but I haven't heard too many comments
> about the condition of 2100s from them. Also, it seems like one would
> need to purchase additional stuff such as the serial dongle seperately.
> mr2ndhand has prices which are in the middle with little possibility of
> being squeezed out. His packages do come with the connection cable, but
> with only a 4mb card. (I don't really care about the modem as I already
> have a couple.)
> So, thoughts, advice? Who would you trust your money with?
> One other question, phillydiscounters and Gem offer both upgraded 2000s
> and 2100s with the 2000s having lower opening bids. Is there any reason
> that I would *not* want a 2000U over a 2100, all else being equal?
> Thanks...
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