Re: [NTLK] Newton->appletalk->ethernet->Hub<-MacOS 8.6<-T-DSL ?

From: Brian (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 22:43:13 EST

>Anybody with a successful connection of the Newt (2100)
>via Appletalk, Ethernet to a Hub,
>able to surf with the Newt using the DSL connection ?

I've not tried with DSL, but via PPP (serial). So I'll talk a little.

>Have the DSL connected via Hub to the Mac8.6,
>running IPNetrouter (last edition)
>(Hub is working, can connect via Appletalk-Ethernet
>to NCU, Xport...)

If you are using MacIP for the sharing, I believe you will find that
IPNetrouter is the culprit. It's MacIP stack is a little busted and the
Newton's MacIP implementation is more than a little busted and the two
problems combine to make a non-working situation.

Vicom SoftRouter will work but is slow.

>Specifically, i am stuck on the sustworks pages, don=A5t know
>wich configuration should be applied... ? MacIP ?

If IPNR can be a DHCP server then turn that on, and on the Newton, just
use ethernet/DHCP and you should be good. For some reason I recall that
IPNR would not be a DHCP server, at least the last version I tried out.

MacIP is, as far as I recall, mostly useful for SERIAL connection sharing
of internet connectivity. You are using that fancy ethernet card, right?
:) I've not tried using MacIP over ethernet. But it can work over serial
for sure if you use SoftRouter.

You can read a very well written summary of trying to use IPNR as a MacIP
server and the Newton MacIP implementation if you search the archives at for "Newton" "MacIP" keywords and look for posts by author
"Sheppard". Tom went way into this issue and the result, in a nutshell,
is that MacIP won't work for the newton using IPNR but will using Vicom's

If you use Softrouter or IPNR and one can be a DHCP server then you should
be set; you might need 2 ethernet cards on the host mac for it to work
best or at all, though.

>Any simple kind of Newton software to test my connection ?
>Any ping-software for the Newt ?

Thumb is the closest thing to a ping; the NIE stack is poorly done and
there liekly won't ever be a real ping app written due to this. You might
as well just use simplemail or Newtscape and try to talk to a known server


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