Re: [NTLK] Out of Heap space creating book in NTK?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 00:27:04 EST

how big of a document are you creating? I've created
documents that compile into 5mb pkgs.
I use Windows and either Paperback or Newton Press
1.1, without ever having a problem. The only problems
I hear on the list are from Mac users trying to make
books. And I kid you not, I have probably converted
over 150 txt documents to Newton book format with
never once having a problem. (sometimes a 5mb document
takes awile to set up the indexes, but I have never
had Press or Paperback fail to make a book for me!)
So, depending on the size of your book, you may be
running into some Macintosh limitation.
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--- John Goggan <> wrote:
> I'm creating a rather large book in NTK and I keep
> running out of heap space
> towards the end of the compile. I've already set
> the heaps at 16383, so I'm
> maxed out there. Now, what exactly is it? I mean,
> is the defined heap space
> temporary heap that Apple is using just for the
> compile? Or is this defining
> a maximum heap on the Newton -- and the compile
> quits because it discovers
> that the Book would exceed the Newton's heap?
> In other words -- does this not compile because NTK
> (for Windows, at least)
> just sucks? Or is it trying to prevent me from
> building a Book that would not
> work properly on the Newton due to heap usage on the
> Newton itself?
> Anyone have hints for saving heap in NTK (I used
> Bookmaker to create the .f
> file -- so there likely isn't much manual
> manipulation I can do to it)?
> Or -- someone with the NTK for MAC mind if I send
> you a 5MB .f file and see if
> NTK for Mac can handle packaging it into a Book?
> Thanks!
> - John...

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