Re: [NTLK] Out of Heap space creating book in NTK?

From: John Goggan (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 08:37:39 EST

Ed Kummel wrote:
> how big of a document are you creating? I've created
> documents that compile into 5mb pkgs.

The input .f file for NTK is 5.5MB.

> I use Windows and either Paperback or Newton Press
> 1.1, without ever having a problem. The only problems
> I hear on the list are from Mac users trying to make
> books.

I'm using Windows too actually. My book has a very large index at the end
with tap-links that jump up to the 3000 or so page entries. If I leave this
index off, it works fine. If I put it in, I run out of heap.

I'm using BookMaker (which processes the RTF files into a .f just fine)
because I am creating an automated process that will be done once a month or
so. Therefore, I need to do it to something where I can just have it read my
input file (RTF for BookMaker) and produce what I need without having to
cut-and-paste everything (for Newton Press, for example).

> So, depending on the size of your book, you may be
> running into some Macintosh limitation.

I tried it under Basilisk just for fun -- and didn't even get close. It can't
even open the 5.5MB input file without running out of heap. WinNTK gets so
close, but then fails at the end...

I haven't tried Paperback though... I'll have to check it out. Does it
accept formatted (either literally or with tags) input files? Or is it a
copy-and-paste thing? [Just asking in case someone answers before I have time
to check it out.]


 - John...

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