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From: Sean Luke (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 00:55:17 EST

On Wednesday, March 6, 2002, at 10:37 PM, Steven Frank wrote:

> Sorry to jump in on someone else's thread, but I got stuck at the exact
> same point. I had a simple app (Hello World) using only the Waba APIs.
> I could
> launch the JAR file on Mac OS X, worked fine. But couldn't for the life
> of me figure out how to make a .pkg out of it. I checked out Steve
> Weyer's Waba page, but left more confused than when I started. :)
> So, I've written my Waba app, using the waba.* classes. It compiles and
> runs on the host (Mac OS X). What magical incantation of exegen/warp do
> I have to do to get a .pkg?

It's magic! No, while generating the .pkg file is actually a piece of
once you know how to do it,
figuring out the magic can be confusing. That's why I wrote this

You're welcome. :-) BTW, I've made a few little modifications today to
very file, so you might want to check it again if it wasn't working for
earlier this year.

For Windoze developers, there's also a walkthough available, though I
verify its correctness as I do not have an MS box. Looks great tho.

> Also, is there a command line exegen/warp for Mac OS X? There only
> seemed to be really questionable Classic versions...

IMHO, developing Waba on MacOS X on the command line is easier
than doing it on MacOS 9. Heck, I developed the VM on MacOS X! Of
Steve might disagree with me since he did all his Waba app ports on
MacOS 9.

Presently, in my opinion, MacOS X is the best Waba development


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