[NTLK] Waba

From: Steven Frank (stevenf_at_panic.com)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 18:05:41 EST

On Wednesday, March 6, 2002, at 02:21 PM, Sean Luke wrote:

>> I have java, and jCreate (a very nice demo
>> editor) but am having exegen and warp issues. I can
>> compile files alright, but converting the applet to a
>> newton package is frustratingly difficult (no I have
>> not yet figured it out).
> That's what you gotta do. It may be a dumb question on my part, but are
> you
> using the Waba libraries? You have to get your Java code into
> Waba-style
> Java (don't use the AWT, for example, use waba.ui.* and waba.fx.*
> classes).
> And don't use doubles or longs or threads or exceptions. If your code
> is
> compiling against the Waba libraries, the converters should be happy
> with it.

Sorry to jump in on someone else's thread, but I got stuck at the exact
same point.

I had a simple app (Hello World) using only the Waba APIs. I could
launch the JAR file on Mac OS X, worked fine. But couldn't for the life
of me figure out how to make a .pkg out of it.

I checked out Steve Weyer's Waba page, but left more confused than when
I started. :)

So, I've written my Waba app, using the waba.* classes. It compiles and
runs on the host (Mac OS X). What magical incantation of exegen/warp do
I have to do to get a .pkg?

Also, is there a command line exegen/warp for Mac OS X? There only
seemed to be really questionable Classic versions....


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