[NTLK] weird battery issues 2100

From: Alex (admeddemda_at_f-m.fm)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 00:52:45 EST

I'm having what I consider to be weird battery issues. Although, I am
used to using a 130, and so maybe these issues are normal in a 2100.

The unit is off. I take out the battery and replace it with a fully
charged battery (both apple nimh packs). I turn unit on. It restarts,
meaning reactivates all packages and wipes its immediate memory (some
prefs are gone)

Is that normal? Why cant I swap batteries when the unit is off w/o
forcing this restart cycle?
No backup batt, ok, but isnt there some thing in there?

but weirder :

One time, when I swapped the batteries while the unit was off, and
then pulled the start button, the unit flashed the message "do you
want to erase everything?" (kinda funny, I thought, like when you do
something stupid and a friend asks in that incredulous voice tone "do
you want to ruin everything?" about whatever it is youre doing..
lol... I thought of the newt message in that way... like you stupid
fool! watch what youre doing! ) Anyway, that message came up with no
chime, no nothing else, just that message with a yes or no box. I
picked no. Then the unit restarted and reactivated. What's with

are these dumb questions? hope not.


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