Re: [NTLK] weird battery issues 2100

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 02:22:01 EST

1st these are not dumb questions.
2nd I really fear that there is something wrong with your Newt.
Normally you should be able to change the batttery without losing any
but the Newt 2x00 will do a restart, i.e. reloading all packages.
The Newt 2x00 does not have a battery to keep the contents of its RAM
memory, there is only a so called supercapacitor in order to keep the RTC
alive. I am not sure if the backup battery of the MP120 (I had one) was
capable of keeping the RAM contents as well.
All serious info is normally stored in flash ROM, so you should not lose
But as it comes to the point that you get the slip asking if you really want
to erase the whole memory, something is wrong.
Normally you reach this status, which is called deep reset or brain wash,
only in case you press the reset key at the same time you hold the power
switch down.
So this might indicate that your reset switch is not ok.
But you can try to operate it a few times in order to bring it to a defined


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> I'm having what I consider to be weird battery issues. Although, I am
> used to using a 130, and so maybe these issues are normal in a 2100.
> The unit is off. I take out the battery and replace it with a fully
> charged battery (both apple nimh packs). I turn unit on. It restarts,
> meaning reactivates all packages and wipes its immediate memory (some
> prefs are gone)
> Is that normal? Why cant I swap batteries when the unit is off w/o
> forcing this restart cycle?
> No backup batt, ok, but isnt there some thing in there?
> but weirder :
> One time, when I swapped the batteries while the unit was off, and
> then pulled the start button, the unit flashed the message "do you
> want to erase everything?" (kinda funny, I thought, like when you do
> something stupid and a friend asks in that incredulous voice tone "do
> you want to ruin everything?" about whatever it is youre doing..
> lol... I thought of the newt message in that way... like you stupid
> fool! watch what youre doing! ) Anyway, that message came up with no
> chime, no nothing else, just that message with a yes or no box. I
> picked no. Then the unit restarted and reactivated. What's with
> that???
> are these dumb questions? hope not.
> thanks
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