Re: [NTLK] making a Waba app

From: Thomas Cherry (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 13:49:34 EST

on 3/8/02 9:25 AM, Steve Weyer at wrote:

>> Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 07:54:41 -0500
>> From: Thomas Cherry <>
>> Hope no one things this letter is off topic,
> ok with me, but extensive discussions are probably more fruitful on the
> wabanewtdev mailing list

I did not know if that was for people developing waba or waba applications.
>> but I am trying to compile
>> a waba app for my newton. All seems to work fine, I can compile, run
>> warp, and then exegen to create a newton package, but when I run the app
>> on my newton, it says that it can not find the class WabaHelloWorld (the
>> name of my class that extends MainWindow). To test things, I tried to
>> run the applet viewer (java waba.applet.Applet WabaHelloWorld) but from
>> that I get the following stack trace:
> without seeing your exact files, your classpath setup, and how you invoked
> Warp and Exegen, I'm guessing that either you're using a package
> (foo.WabaHelloWorld), or your your application name is different from main
> class name, e.g., Exegen ... HelloWorld WabaHelloWorld HelloWorld)

WabaHelloWorld is the same one defined on the waba for Newton web page
describing how to compile and build an app under MacOSX. The file has the
default package and I am running the command from the same folder as the
class file. I would think that waba.applet.Applet could find the class if
it was in the directory that I called the program in.

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