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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 18:05:11 EST

On 08/03/02 17:55, "David Golden" <> wrote:

> I've perused the Newt FAQ's and the Hints section of This Old Newt with the
> ultimate goal being to try and synch address and date information from the
> Palm DeskTop 2.6 to my MP2100. I have both DateMan and MoreInfo currently
> installed, but am not using either. I seem to recall that DateMan does not
> sync with the Palm dates data. Can MoreInfo do so? For the near future, I
> will continue to use my Visor to enter appointments, to do's and addresses,
> but as I get back in to making greater utilization of my MP, I would like to
> be able to at least check my calendar, etc, although it would be nice to be
> able to enter new info in to my MP, sync it to the desktop and then place it
> on my Visor. Is this doable?
> Frankly, the more I use my Visor the more I'd like to switch back to full
> time Newton use, and go back to using a cell phone linked by a cable to my
> MP for email and trade in my VisorPhone. The recent availability of so many
> high quality Newtons at such low prices ( coupled with the recent price
> reductions in Newton apps ), gives me greater confidence that I can
> stockpile what I need to keep at least one Newton fully functional for a
> long time to come.

I think that right without any enhancement, the Newton carries more data
than the Palm can take, so it's already hard to synchronize. Now, if you're
adding more infos to the pack, it will be even harder because you'll have
even more information that you won't be able to sync with your Palm.


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