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Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 11:18:07 EST

On 11/03/02 10:52, "John Ruschmeyer" <> wrote:

> Okay, I found a 2100 (actually a 2000U) from a private eBay seller.So
> while I close the deal and wait for the package, I figured I'd turn my
> interest to collecting the various pieces of soft and hardware which I
> want to run. First up is an Ethernet card, so a couple of questions:
> 1) Will the ATLAN driver presumably run with any NE2000 card or is it
> hardcoded for certain ones? I have a Kingston EtherRX (KNE-PC2T) which
> is a nice generic, low-power NE2000 card that I have used with an HP
> 200LX. Should it be recognized by the ATLAN driver?

No, the driver has to specifically announce what card it supports. If you're
familiar with NTK, you could start with the NE2000 project and create a new
project, providing the string that your card advertizes when it's inserted.
Then, it would be a matter of putting that string in a specific place in the
duplicated project, compile and install. Assuming the card would work with
the commands in the NE2000 project, that is...

> 2) I also have a 3Com 3C589C with the combo dongle. Assuming I only use
> it on a 10BaseT network, would I have power issues because of the combo
> dongle? Sould I be looking for a 10BaseT only dongle?

I don't know about this one.

> 3) Assuming both of the above will work, is there a *preferred* card to
> use? If this were a PC, I'd go with the 3Com in a heartbeat, but is the
> Farallon driver that much better?

I haven't heard that any driver would be better than the other one.
Actually, I think there are drivers for the 3Com that need the Farallon
driver to be installed...


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