[NTLK] Driver Labo update; new WaveLan drivers released.

From: S. Elliott (selliott_at_mac.com)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 15:56:31 EST

Hello all,

Mr. Noguchi released new 'alpha 2' drivers for the WaveLan cards and
added a tremendous amount of functionality (URL:
http://www.ff.iij4u.or.jp/~ngc/eng/newtwave.htm). Notably the release
info specifies that one can now connect to base-stations (though WEP and
channel selection are still under development).

Though I'm not having any success mounting my Lucent WaveLAN card (p/n
012372A) on my upgraded Newton 2000/2100 yet. I've erased my Newton's
internal stores to original spec and installed only NIE and the Lucent
Driver, though I'm still receiving the "Newton cannot recognize this
type of card" error.

Have any of you had any luck with the new driver? Which 802.11 PC Card
are you using?

Best regards,


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