Re: [NTLK] Driver Labo update; new WaveLan drivers released.

From: Jake (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 16:42:40 EST

This got me excited too. So I dugged out my serial cable and ...
I have the same problem. I am using the original Lucent WavLan Silver
card, same part number.


> Mr. Noguchi released new 'alpha 2' drivers for the WaveLan cards and
> added a tremendous amount of functionality (URL:
> Notably the release
> info specifies that one can now connect to base-stations (though WEP and
> channel selection are still under development).
> Though I'm not having any success mounting my Lucent WaveLAN card (p/n
> 012372A) on my upgraded Newton 2000/2100 yet. I've erased my Newton's
> internal stores to original spec and installed only NIE and the Lucent
> Driver, though I'm still receiving the "Newton cannot recognize this
> type of card" error.
> Have any of you had any luck with the new driver? Which 802.11 PC Card
> are you using?
> Best regards,
> ./steve

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