Re: [NTLK] Serious Dates app problem

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 17:55:13 EST

On 11/03/02 17:46, "emdub" <> wrote:

> I use my Newton a lot to keep track of my schedule, appointments,
> meetings etc. but recently I'm getting a lot of errors in the Dates
> application. Every time I switch away from the day view into any other
> (I use Agenda the most) I get a -42000 error. I've looked this up but
> wasn't very usefull:
> Errorno: -48200
> Description: Expected a frame, array, or binary object
> Category: Object System Errors
> Then I switch back to day view:
> Errorno: -8007
> Description: Exception not handled
> Category: Application Errors
> I then try to create an appointment:
> Errorno: -48809
> Description: Undefined method
> Category: Interpreter Errors
> ...and it goes on and on without displaying anything but errors.
> What's happening to my Newt?? The dates application is my NUMBER ONE
> MOST USED!! I really need this. I've erased all prior records to the
> date I'm on, I've soft reseted, I've looked through repeating events...
> I really am stuck. Can anyone help me? Things seem to go okay as long as
> I don't switch from the day view, which isn't enough for me. Maybe I
> should use a different application than dates to keep track of
> schedules...
> Thanks in advance to any helpful hints!
> -mw

Are you using any Dates extensions, like DateMan or MoreInfo?


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