Re: [NTLK] PDA article in "Der Spiegel"

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 23:28:39 EST

on 3/11/02 8:39 PM, James Witte at wrote:

> But didn't the article mention (or show) a 2100? The original HW was
> bad (but might still have been better than anything else out there), but
> the 210 improved on it greatly as well as having a faster processor.

Of course, did the article say anything about how not one of the current
offerings even _pretend_ do do genuine handwriting recognition? I mean, the
Newton was HWR from the ground up. Everything out there today is just a
shadow of the Newton's HWR, or, probably more accurately, on a different
page than the Newton.

Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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