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From: Patrick Jendraszak (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 10:18:18 EST


Thanks for this discussion. I have some users who have just begun using
digital means of keeping their schedules, etc. While they are using Palm
III's (sorry about that, folks ... but I use a Newt!), this information
was very valuable to me. Since they have already gone through a "7
Habits" workshop, it gives them a way of integrating what they learned
with the new technology they have been exposed to.

Thanks again!!

Patrick Jendraszak

I always wanted to be a procrastinator.
I just never got around to it.

A Message from Patrick Jendraszak

On Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 03:06 AM, Jon Glass wrote:

> There was a discussion on this, at least once, a long time ago, when
> this
> list was still served by PlanetNewton. For some reason, I saved one of
> the
> emails. I'll post it below. Before I allow the original poster to speak,
> however, I'll say that it might be possible that DateMan is the app to
> look
> at. It has probably the most flexible and customizable to-do section of
> all
> that's out there. But, like the following post explains, you can make
> Covey's principles work with just the built-in apps, and careful
> implementation. :-)

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