[NTLK] RTF driving me crazy

From: Oliver Brose (oliver.brose_at_t-online.de)
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 10:05:50 EST

Hello List,

along with my numerous (*cough*) "get ready for campus" actions I exported
all notes from last semester via the NCU.
I exported notes, not notes (text only), as I have some notes that have so
many drawings or phonetic symbols that converting them into type would be
hopeless. RTF is the format of choice. I decided to sort the notes by
folder, so I have all notes from one lecture in one file, quick and

Here comes the trouble:
Using OSX mainly, my reader of choice would be either AppleWorks or

AppleWorks6 (German!): No German umlauts! They are either defaced or left
out. Pictures are okay, Digital Ink seems to be screwed up here and there,
mostly if Ink & drawings get mixed, should be no problem if I convert it to

TextEdit: Umlauts are fine, but there is no Digital Ink / drawings to be
seen anywhere! Nada!

Ragtime 5: Everything that represents any kind of non-text is thrown
together in an attempt to identify as many single graphics as possible,
incorrect side-breaks...

Nisus Compact: Cannot handle RTF at all, pages and pages of ASCII code.

Word98: Umlauts are fine, Ink gets screwed up to about the same extent as in

Please help me! It cannot be that the MS pile of *"%!& does the best job on
working with my Newton's files! There must be something I am doing wrong
with AppleWorks, and I have no idea why TextEdit refrains from displaying
Ink & Pictures. My first guess for the umlauts was that the NCU screws them
up while exporting, but if so, why can Word display them just fine?

Which program is best for displaying everything *just the way* it looks on
the Newt?

Oliver :)

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