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From: Eric L. Strobel (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 11:08:18 EST

at the temporal coordinates: 3/12/02 10:53 AM, the entity known as Gary
Moody at conveyed the following:

> Hi Eric,
> You really might want to look at the Lotus Organizer software if you are
> using windoze. NCU integrates well with this software (due to the original
> sync code vendor's (Puma) expertise in syncing PC-based applications), and
> Organizer can print hard copy in DayTimer formats. Just a thought. The
> Organizer software is available on UNNA.

Thanks, but I don't do Windows. I suppose if there were a good way to
export/import selected items between the Claris/Palm Organizer format and
the DayTimer s/w, then I could get some sort of information flow working.
But that seems like way too much work.

- Eric.


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