Re: [NTLK] Newton is on its way?

From: Chris Chapman (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 12:21:29 EST

Yeah. USPS I get shipments from the east cost in 2-3 days. UPS Ground is the
Plague. Oh well, can't wait to have a functional newt in my life again, been
using a MP100 for the past two weeks or so...*argh!!!*

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> On 12/03/02 11:42, "Chris Chapman" <> wrote:
> > I grabbed a Newt 2100 (orig) from maceasy. Service has been great with
> > Jill. UPS on the other hand... has no idea where my newt is. It's been
> > about 8 days in transit...and no idea when it'll be here (damn it's not
> > like i'm in the MOFN...) ! Well, I will keep you posted when the newt
> > gets here.
> It has been my experience that UPS Ground service is one of the worst in
> own category. I even remember tracking a package that was sitting less
> 40 miles from me, in their facilities, waiting for the time to pass by so
> that the package wouldn't be delivered too early.
> Now, I avoid the UPS Ground service like the plague. One of the best
> I got so far is from FedEx, not perfect, but pretty good. Their ground
> service doesn't suck as much as UPS' one does. US Postal Service is also
> pretty good when you consider that a Priority Mail package with delivery
> confirmation will get you around $5 for an average 3 days delivery.
> -Laurent.
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