Re: [NTLK] Hard reset - Who Does 'em?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 23:20:34 EST

I've only done a brain wipe three times.
1) sending my 120 OS1.3 in to get upgraded to OS2.0
2) sending my mp2000 to the Dr. to get upgraded to a
3) sending my ump2000 into Apple to get refurbished.
Each time I restored everything from a backup. Never
had to reinstall anything. And honestly? I probably
don't have all the original packages I've installed on
my Newts over the years! Besides, if you do a brain
wipe, the Newton has to re-learn your handwriting start off on square one! So, my current
newt has everything I've ever had and done since my
web/gadget guru

--- Bradford Schmidt <> wrote:
> Curiousity: Does anyone ever do a brain wipe and
> reinstall stuff, just to
> get a clean system? Having installed and tried so
> many shareware things
> that I didn't keep, my system kind of reminds me of
> a windows box that you
> uninstall things from but all those annoying
> supporting files and
> associations are left behind. God love mac's for
> uninstalls. Anyway - is
> it too much of a pain, or do folks do it.
> brad

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