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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 06:09:48 EST

on 3/13/02 6:04 AM, James Lopez at wrote:

> After reading the list here and other articles, it seems that it pretty
> easy to actually take notes and such on the MP. Is this really the
> case? How much easier is it?

I've used my Newon for note-taking for years. I've taken notes at lectures
and other such events. I have even used the Outline stationery to do this.
It's harder with the outline stationery because you somehow have less screen
real estate, but it works. Some things I've learned:

You don't need to write everything in a row. I will write my next word where
ever I have space, even if it's at the top of the screen, and my last
written word was at the bottom.

Write as neatly and distinctly as possible. I have a few problems letters
(double o's come out as "l" for instance) that I have to concentrate on. I
also think that printing is better than cursive, but others have found the
opposite to be true. Experiment to find what works best for you.

Experiment also with the handwriting prefs, i.e., word spacing, and delay
until recognition. I like to scrunch both of them up tight when I'm writing
a lot and fast. It helps speed things up, but accuracy can go down, so make
sure you are really comfortable. :-)

It is better to go back and correct errors later, when you have a break than
to try to fix them as you go. Usually in lectures, you have periods when the
speaker isn't saying anything important. That is a good time to fix things.
Also, if taking notes or directions from somebody directly, you might find
delayed recognition (ink text) to be the better option. :-) I don't
recommend ink text for extended notes, however, just for short bits.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Happy Newting. (I use a
130 too, BTW)

Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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