[NTLK] My MP4200 (Afraid of my Newt)

From: Phil Denton (nanjad_at_ozemail.com.au)
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 07:40:30 EST

For some time I have been pondering the insides of my MP2000.

It has 4 serial ports and 4 PCMCIA ports.


Since I am already in awe of the coherence and sophistication of some
newton users, and the brilliance and dedication of the developers I should
really keep my trap shut but I can't.

What is going to happen when our Newts break out of their cases? Can the 4
PCMCIA ports give us SCSI, or THX, or 3d VGA? Would we then even want the 4
serial ports, or could they be put to use for something like biofeedback or
motion control or some such frippery?

Is there any prospect of multiprocessing and if so what would a Double Newt
look like. Would the soup become a stew?

Please tell me these things will never happen.


Phil denton

Phil Denton

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