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Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 09:13:58 EST

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> For some time I have been pondering the insides of my MP2000.
> It has 4 serial ports and 4 PCMCIA ports.

The PS-7010 has the ABILLITY to run 4 serial ports and 4 PCMCIA slots
but does not have the hardware or, to my knowledge, the software to run

The 2 additional PCMCIA slots definitely need more hardware. The extra
serial ports (presumably port1 and port2) could be implemented if the
i/o for them actually exits the chip, how to enable them is understood
and software is written. The last part is the easiest bit.

There are connections from the internal connector to the asic (apart from
the port 0 and 3 already identified) that could be another port or they
could be control lines for some other as yet unidentified function.
Without a datasheet for the Voyager chipset, it is hard to tell just
what is possible. The closest I have gotten so far is to get a datasheet
for the PS-7110. Its not the same part obviously but it does give you a feel for
the kind of architecture in this family of chips.

If anyone has the datasheet for the PS-71x0 chips... (sigh)

Oh, the things that could be designed!



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