Re: [NTLK] Serious Dates app problem (finished)

From: emdub (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 10:12:02 EST

I used the Soup Editor in the SBM Utilities to delete the all To Do=20
items in the MEMORY CARD... I was deleting the internal and it wasn't=20
working because I didn't have the "store all items internally" selected.=20=

A bit of inexperience on my side with the SBM Utilities... I had tried=20=

the Routing before but it gave errors as well and wouldn't let me erase=20=

anything. This was really all screwed up...

Everything is working now. Thanks a lot for your help, I was getting=20
desperate without my Agenda! I'm not going to use any to do's anymore=20


On Quarta, Mar=E7o 13, 2002, at 02:05 , Laurent Daudelin wrote:

> Don't worry about the Visor!
> You can use a soup editor and try to remove single entries from the =
> soup. Using the editor in SBM Utilities, you could even filter=20
> everything
> out, except the To-Dos making them easier to delete.
> If you don't want to go through the soup editor, you could open Date =
> then tap the "Routing" button at the lower left and select "Delete". A
> little dialog will appear where you'll be able to pick from which date=20=

> you
> want to delete. Finally, there are 2 check boxes that will let you=20
> select or
> unselect Calendar items and, ta-da! To-do items!
> -Laurent.
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