[NTLK] i've done it,connected

From: mimi cipollone (mmcipollone_at_rogers.com)
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 10:05:51 EST

well, it's been 4 months of spare time
but i'm connected to my win 2000

only by serial-via belkin serial adapter,with 1 slowdown running..can't seem to use the hack for 5700,but doesn't matter

let's not be fussy about speed...

for those who have been following my plaintive messages
it was my ipc computer that was at fault
usb onboard motherboard, both defective
serial port disabled ??
everything corrupt it seems...clean install, took out unused 56modem,added new usb port, et voila

it was so easy when the hardware is functional:)

and i must say,windows pIII beats lc575, wh i've been using

now let me get my hands on that imac at school

installing pkgs until my emate chokes...
and now feeding my messagepad

ps now you see what school staff do during march break...

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