Re: [NTLK] MP2x00 Display Upgrade - latest update

From: Samuel Jacobson (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 11:34:01 EST

> And there's another point: By chance I got yesterday a sheet of white EL
> foil and two inverters and started to check'em briefly. The 11x16" EL foil
> (e.g. 4 times the Newton display size) drew 500mA (!!!) on the primary
> of the inverters. This is 20 (!!!) times more than the green Newton EL
> draws. Of course a smaller piece, which I cut later out to about the
> dimensions of the Newton drew less current but with 50mA was it still 2.5
> times more than the current green EL. It is geek and it is gleeming white
> and super cool but it simply shortens the battery lifetime by 2.5 times if
> it is on.

  Aye, this was my first concern. While I love the idea of a white
backlight, and would very much enjoy being able to read off my uMP2000 more
easily (I find the original Apple display a bit hard on my eyes), I am most
concerned with battery consumption of the backlight, which is already too
short for myself with the green display (my classes and note taking
sessions seem to last a long time, and it is not uncommon for my battery to
be at least 1/4 gone after a few hours if I need to use the backlight the
whole time and cannot connect to a power outlet). Sadly I must defer to
what the practical conditions of my situation dictate.

  Nevertheless I feel it is great what you have done, Mr. Grier. It is
indeed wonderful to see people still being both innovative and
helpful-contributory to the Newton platform! I, like so many, still lament
that Apple has not "come back into the fold." :-)


Sam J.


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