Re: [NTLK] MP2x00 Display Upgrade - latest update

From: Ben Smith (QM Systems) (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 11:41:38 EST

It should not be hard to come up with an external battery pack for the
2x00, how about the 7.5v NiCad packs that are used for toy racing cars
?? high capacity and fast charge, just add a connector and plug in.

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> > And there's another point: By chance I got yesterday a
> sheet of white EL
> > foil and two inverters and started to check'em briefly.
> The 11x16" EL foil
> > (e.g. 4 times the Newton display size) drew 500mA (!!!)
> on the primary
> side
> > of the inverters. This is 20 (!!!) times more than the
> green Newton EL
> > draws. Of course a smaller piece, which I cut later out
> to about the
> > dimensions of the Newton drew less current but with 50mA
> was it still 2.5
> > times more than the current green EL. It is geek and it
> is gleeming white
> > and super cool but it simply shortens the battery
> lifetime by 2.5 times if
> > it is on.
> Aye, this was my first concern. While I love the idea of a white
> backlight, and would very much enjoy being able to read off
> my uMP2000 more
> easily (I find the original Apple display a bit hard on my
> eyes), I am most
> concerned with battery consumption of the backlight, which
> is already too
> short for myself with the green display (my classes and note taking
> sessions seem to last a long time, and it is not uncommon
> for my battery to
> be at least 1/4 gone after a few hours if I need to use the
> backlight the
> whole time and cannot connect to a power outlet). Sadly I
> must defer to
> what the practical conditions of my situation dictate.
> Nevertheless I feel it is great what you have done, Mr.
> Grier. It is
> indeed wonderful to see people still being both innovative and
> helpful-contributory to the Newton platform! I, like so
> many, still lament
> that Apple has not "come back into the fold." :-)
> Always,
> Sam J.

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