Re: [NTLK] Taking notes on Newton - TECHNIQUES?

From: Larrie Easterly (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 14:39:02 EST

Slowdown due to errors seems unavoidable with HWR turned on. Most of my
errors are due to my spelling and sloppiness due to brain in neutral and
hand in gear syndrome. In other words operator error.

Normally I just ignore the error and go back to it later. It is easy to get
sucked into thinking that you will not remember what you wrote and feel the
need to correct it on the spot. One or two words that are not correct do not
seem to be a problem for me as I can usually piece it back together after
the meeting. The trick for me is to do the corrections as soon as possible
after noticing the mistake.

Pen non-awareness happens. I just live with it.

My HWR settings in preferences are:
Cursive not Printing
Spacing slider set in the middle
Options | Handwriting Settings | Letter by letter in fields and Learn my
handwriting checked.
Options | Fine Tuning | Recognize my handwriting slider at about 60%
Options | Fine Tuning | Transform my handwriting slider at about 50%


>> Note taking is all I do on my 2100. Lots of meeting notes, dreams,
>> creative
>> in sites, and to do lists. It works wonderfully.
>> Larrie
> I'm curious about this - what do you all do to prevent slowing down due to
> a handwriting recognition error? I get them now and then for various
> reasons - sometimes the newt just doesnt see the pen on the screen for a
> moment (that ever happen to anyone?), sometimes I brain fart and mis-write
> something....
> So, who takes notes in ink, and who goes right to hwr? And what settings
> do people use? I for one could use some tips.
> brad

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