Re: [NTLK] audio files on Newton?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 23:42:56 EST

I guess what you need to do is convert the audio on
the CD to MP3. This is very easy to do with any of a
LARGE number of converters out there. I have one for
the PC which is so pathetically easy, it behaves like
it's builtin to the OS! I can't remember what it's
called (its on my laptop and I am too tired to fire it
up right now. I can get it for you in the morning if
you like)
But what it does is when you insert, say, a music CD
into your computer, the software scans the disk,
contacts an online music database (cddb), changes the
title of the tracks in explorer to the actual title of
the song (as opposed to track 1, track 2 etc.) then
you can highlight as many of the tracks you want,
right-click and choose from the dropdown menu, encode
tracks. I particularly love the VBR feature. Allows
you to get 128 bitrate at 112 bitrate sizes! Then all
you need is that MP3 application everybody on this
list seems to be talking about!
web/gadget guru

--- Frank Gruendel <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> now that I have sufficiently impressed everyone in
> my Swedish course with
> my Newton's HWR, I think it's time for something
> stronger to throw them
> over.
> I have the CD set for this course. They are standard
> audio CD's, those
> that can be played in every CD player. I would like
> to put some of the
> tracks
> on my Newton, but I don't know how to do this. Of
> course I could just
> hold it next to the speaker and record it, but this
> is, well,
> unscientific...
> Any ideas how to do this? I have a PC and a Mac, so
> it doesn't matter
> on which platform the required sw runs.
> I swear I looked at the FAQ, but didn't find
> anything. There again, I'm
> renowned for _never_ finding anything, so if it's
> there, just let me know.
> Thanks
> Frank

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