Re: [NTLK] hypertext creation tool for newton?

From: Jeroen Goulooze (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 06:08:02 EST

I tried some rather disastrous efforts to create hyperstories on the newt in
both NewtCard and NSBasic. (I still feel I should apologize to anybody who
tried them). The idea was to create a tool that could handle two types of
- a text part with a list that contained the links to other cards
- a drawing/map card that could hold objects on agrid so one could simulate
the behavior of going from one place to another.

Since then I moved to Newtonscript and I have created some more stuff. Why
did I not publish this?

I am not a good a programmer. It is hard to use for someone who has not my
weird ideas in his head about what to do with it. When it is finished I
start all over again to incorporate other features. And the documentation
sucks because there is hardly any. Besides, I never had the idea any body
else would be interested in it (and I still think nobody is interested in
the things I made because, well, because they are not inteded for general
use, but came from my own weird mind).

One of the things I found very important is the export feature. Right now I
export to notes and from there I export it to my desktop.

Jeroen Goulooze

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