Re: [NTLK] 16MB linear flash card problems

From: Josť Luis Moro (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 12:30:34 EST

> On 14/03/02 12:19, "Jos=3DE9 Luis Moro" <> wrote:
>> I was trying to erase my 16 MB flash card in order to defragment using t=
> e
>> card dialog ("erase"), but the Newt broke down and restarted each time I
>> tried. Trying to erase the contents manually I started with the packages=
> an=3D3D
>> d
>> deleted all except DatesB(Jobs) or something alike, which could not be
>> flattened (Newt broke down).
>> =3D20
>> Afterwards I ejected the card and tried to start without it, which worke=
> .
>> But ... now I cannot activate the card, because each time I insert it, t=
> e
>> Newt freezes trying to activate the first package. I could find no way t=
>> circumvent it.
>> =3D20
>> Can anyone of you geeks help me??
> Did you check the FAQ? I thought there was a mention on how to possibly w=
> k
> around this problem.
> Anyway, open the Prefs, then insert your card. You should be prompted to
> confirm the card erasure without the Newton trying to load anything on it=
> -Laurent.

Thanks a lot. Should have tried the FAQs first ...

This list is really incredible!

Jos=E9 Luis

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